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My French Riviera Rental

About My French Riviera Rentals Management Company

My French Riviera Rentals specialises in holiday rentals throughout the year for homes located in Villefranche-sur-Mer, St Jean Cap Ferrat, Beaulieu sur Mer and Eze.

We are a small locally based company in Eze-sur-Mer and have been involved in the property market on the Riviera for the last 15 years. 

We may be small but we have a range of experience in the hospitality industry to draw from,  including holiday rentals on the Riviera, hotels in the Far East, airlines in the Middle East and catering on the West Coast of the US.   

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Free Pro Photographer Session

check_mark_blue.jpg Usually a stock photo is presented or non-professional photos.

10% to 25% Commission

check_mark_blue.jpg Varies with commissions going up to 35% or more.

Advertising on Several Major Vacation Websites

check_mark_blue.jpg question_mark.jpg

Unit Specific Google Adwords Campaigns

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All Reservations Handled In House—No Outsourcing

check_mark_blue.jpg Outsourcing is common among our competitors.

Quality Control of Renters

check_mark_blue.jpg question_mark.jpg

Theft Control and Quality Cleaning – Cleaners Paid Hourly, Not Per Unit!

check_mark_blue.jpg Most companies pay cleaners per unit resulting in hurried service.

Owner Online Booking Facility With Real Time Availability Calendar

check_mark_blue.jpg Many companies do not allow guests to pick a specific unit much less show current calendars.

24/7/365 Days Per Year Secure Online Reservation Website

check_mark_blue.jpg Usually limited in hours per day as well as days per week.

FREE Condo/Home Evaluation for Increased Revenue Ideas

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Owners information guide

  1. How do I rent my property for holiday rentals ?
  2. Who is going to be staying in my home ?
  3. I don't want my home to be rented all the time.  I want to use it.  How can I do that ?
  4. I am renting my home by myself already, how can my French Riviera Rental help me
  5. How much will does it cost to advertise with my French Riviera Rental ?
  6. How will we make an income ?  How do you make an income ?
  7. What type of properties will you advertise of my French Riviera Rental ?
  8. My French Riviera Rental Website
  9. Cleaning
  10. Housekeeping/Insepections
  11. Property Maintenance
  12. Renting
  13. Quality Control / Check-in and Check-out Procedures
  14. Security Deposit
  15. 24/7 Guest Service
  16. Communication
  17. Marketing and Advertising
  18. Live Bookings
  19. Travel Insurance
  20. Reservation Contract

1. How do I rent my property for holiday rentals ?

Do you want to rent your property on the Riviera but are unsure how to go about it ?   
You don't want to rent it out year-round, you want to use it some of the time for your own use ? 

Do you want to sell your property but in the meantime rent it out ?

My French Riviera Rental can help you. 

We know how difficult that first step can be, renting out your home to people you do not know.  We know, we have done it ourselves.   With experience in staging homes in Seattle, we can help you put all your precious objects away and recommend small details to give your home a holiday feel.  Sometimes a bunch of beautiful flowers can do it! 

We have a step-by-step guide to help you.

2. Who is going to be staying in my home ? 

90% of our guests book via the internet.  Unless they are a repeat booking, we have never met them before and have communicated, normally, via email.  I can honestly say that 99% of our guests are wonderful people, interesting, educated who respect our properties and whom we are sad to see leave!

The reason that our guests respect our properties is because they are happy.  They are happy due to the fact that we provide over and above the normal service.  We understand that the property has to be clean, well maintained and, as a lot of clients do not speak French, we provide comprehensive information regarding the area and are contactable night and day for emergencies. 

Having worked in luxury hotels in the Far East, we understand it is those small details that a guest remembers when arriving at your home.  And like arriving in a luxury hotel, if they arrive in a lovely home with small details, which as a guest they know are there especially for their stay, they know we care about them and they then care about your home.  We want our guests to be pampered and want them to return again and again.

3. I don't want my home to be rented all the time.  I want to use it.  How can I do that ?

As an owner you will have access to the my French Riviera Rental (my FRR) web site.  On it there is a "live" calendar which enables you to block any dates.  If you want to use your property for the weekend you can block those dates out.   So you are able to use your holiday home when you want to and rent out your property when you are not using it, making income on your investment. 

4. I am renting my home by myself already, how can my French Riviera Rental help me generate more income ?

The great thing about our system, is that you can still do your own bookings, you're not tied up with us. Maybe you are doing well on your bookings during the summer and we can help you get more clients in the winter.
You will benefit from our website visits and online bookings.
You can choose to keep your cleaner, or/and the person that usually does your meet and greet.
You are only requested to log in into your account and book the dates you have rented as soon as you have them in order to avoid double booking.
As we want to offer you but also our renters the best service, your property will have a special booking policy, and booking will only be confirmed within 48 hours to the renter.
So that we can take time to email or call you and be sure there will not be a double booking.

5. How much will it cost to advertise with my French Riviera Rental ?

Advertising on our website is free.  

When you initially contact us, we will do a viewing of your property and if we think it necessary, will draw up a list of any repairs or new items that may be required to give your property that finished, holiday feel.  We will send you a costing in advance and once we have your approval, we will proceed with the items on the list.  

Once the property is ready to rent, we have a professional photographer who will come and take up to 20 photos of your property to put on the website.

At the same time we will liaise with you regarding your property book.  Which informs renters of all the information they need to know regarding the property.

We are also putting up a DVD to guide every renter and explain all the appliances in your home, Internet connexion, TV, to make it easier for our guests when they arrive.

Finally, your property will be added to our website and will be ready for bookings.

6. How will we make an income ?  How do you make an income ?

We will discuss with you regarding the most competitive rate to advertise your property.   Once we are in agreement as to the income you will receive per a weeks’ rental, then we add our commission on top.  It is usually 25%.

If we find the rate is too high or if there are large fluctuations between the major currencies and the Euro we may renegotiate the rates with you mid-season.  No rates will be changed without your permission.

You will be able to track your bookings and income on our website with your own password and login.  Payments are made once a year in September.  If you have a lot of bookings in low season we will do a second payment in March.  

We can send your income to you in Euros anywhere in the world (Muriel to confirm)

One of the conditions to joining my French Riviera Rentals, is that if you advertise your property elsewhere, we would ask you not  to advertise at lower rates than on my FRR, so that we can be confident my FRR guests are being offered your best rates.   

7. What type of properties will you advertise of my French Riviera Rental ?

We mainly select properties in Mont Boron, Villefranche sur Mer, St Jean Cap Ferrat, Beaulieu sur Mer, Eze sur Mer, Eze Village and La Turbie area of the Riviera.    

We will look at all properties with a view to renting, apartments and villas.  

We have a wide range of clients from the US, Canada, Europe, the Far East, Australia and New Zealand.   

Some of our guests require good quality budget accommodation, some a family villa, some a luxury apartment in order to celebrate special occasions, some a luxury villa in order to have a land base on the Riviera when not on their yacht.

Please contact Wendy to arrange a meeting or find out more information : T - 0860272992 ;

8. My French Riviera Rental Website

My FRR have teamed up with a US company to provide us with a powerful booking system to enable our guests to have an easy booking experience. 

We are the only company with a web site in the St Jean Cap Ferrat area of the Riviera which enables guests to book their holiday online.  

Guests can search for a holiday home from the dates available, location and further advanced searches.  Full descriptions of each home together with many photos allows the guest to make a well-informed choice.

All this means more bookings, which means more income for home owners.

Fresh, crisp sheets and high quality linens are the norm for all our Vacation Rentals. We pay employees per hour, not per unit.  Our cleaners are teamed together to ensure quality of service and they are given a very comprehensive, unit specific checklist for each unit.  Little things such as batteries, cabinet hinges, blind controls, etc must be checked each time.  Our guests and owners deserve units that are kept in the best condition possible.

10. Housekeeping / Inspections

Here again is one area that we feel we separate ouselves from the rest.

We pay our cleaners hourly, not per condo.  We want our cleaners to take the time necessary to inspect and clean your home or condo the way it should be each and every time.

Two cleaners in each unit each time.  Two pairs of eyes are always better than one.

Individual detailed checklist for every unit.  Every home and condo are different.  
Our cleaners must check and initial a checklist specific to your unit each time they clean. 
This includes little things (that make a big difference!) such as ensuring the ice cube trays have
been cleaned out, blankets are folded neatly in the closets, and that humidifiers are emptied and cleaned.
  • The checklist also includes ensuring all accessories specific to your unit are in place and are not broken.
  • Our cleaners have a notebook that includes photos of your unit so they know how to present the unit each time. 
  • Double check system—our cleaners must report to the cleaning supervisor every time they arrive and leave a unit.  This way both the supervisor and the cleaners have a schedule of what units to clean what day.
  • Light bulbs and batteries—our cleaners must check these items each time.  It’s these little things that make for an overall wonderful experience for our guests.
  • Accountability—our cleaners are thoroughly checking your unit each time, so if there is something amiss such as a spill on the carpet, or a broken vase, we know it and will take the necessary steps to not only remedy the issue, but will withhold from the responsible party’s security deposit to cover the costs.
11. Property Maintenance

Being a local company we know the people who will keep your property up to the standard you expect.   Whether it is a problem with the plumbing or electricity we can sort it out for you.

When it comes to renting out your home, we will arrange the cleaning of your home for each guest.    We have a high standard when it comes to cleaning as it is not just the cleaning that is involved in a change-over but checking light bulbs, ensuring that the dishwasher is empty etc. 

Clean linen is provided for our guests and we can help you organise the linen for rentals.  Some owners like to provide the linen, other owners prefer to use the linen via our cleaning company.

12. Renting

We have a step-by-step guide of what is required to rent your home which includes an inventory of what is required for the number of guests you wish to rent to.

If you have just bought a property and would like us to furnish it for you for a rental, we can do that as well. 

We can also do property renovations with a view to renting a property.

If you have been renting and want us to take over

13. Quality Control / Check-in and Check-out Procedures

My FRR likes to meet the guests who will be staying in your home. 

There are several reasons for this.  Firstly, we always arrive before our guests and give the property a final inspection to make sure it is up to the standard we expect.  Our cleaners are very good, but items can always be overlooked.  A glass left to dry has to be put away.  A TV control without working batteries. 

Secondly, we like to meet our guests!  We like to chat to them!  We like to find out if they know the area and if not then we listen to what they would like to do and help them in the right direction.

Lastly, every property has it's little idiosyncrasies and although each property has a  comprehensive book regarding the appliances, security alarm, pool keys etc, we do like to walk our guests around your property and explain the unusual features of your home. 

We then give our guests an inventory which has been checked by us and then guests have 24 hrs to report any problems.  If nothing is reported within the 24 hrs, then when the client checks-out, if the inventory does not correspond, ie, there are breakages or keys lost, we will consult you, the owner, before releasing the guest’s Security Deposit.

14.  Security Deposit

As well as presenting your property to the highest standard for our guests, we also take a Security Deposit on arrival.

This is refundable to the guest, subject to your property being, on check-out, left at the same standard as when your guests check-in.

We understand that guests are on holiday and do not expect them to clean, however, if a property is left in a particularly unclean state we will deduct a fee from the Security Deposit to cover the extra cleaning required.
15.  24/7 Guest Service

As the majority of our guests have little knowledge of French, we know it is important for our guests to feel they are not abandoned!  We provide our guests with contact numbers so that they can get in touch with us whatever the problem or query.

16. Communication

When you allow my FRR to use your home for holiday rentals, we know what a big step that is. 

Part of the power of our website is to enable you, as the owner, to login to your property, night or day see your reservations, update your availability, keep a track of your income from the rentals and view your statistics.    In addition, you will also receive a regular rental spreadsheet.

Over and above that, as we are local, if you have any concerns, we want to hear them.    If you want to make any changes to your property or prefer us to block out your dates, just contact us. 

We are always open to your ideas to keep the business rolling in!

17.  Marketing and Advertising

At my FRR we like to view every property and have a professional photographer to get the best images of your property.  A good photo can be the difference between getting the booking or not. 

We don't use any stock photos and if there is any renovation to a property we will come and photograph your property again so that the web site is up-to-date.

The team at my FRR have a wide experience in the hospitality industry which includes online and traditional marketing skills.  One of the reasons we have linked up with the US company which provides us with our booking system is because we are fully aware that having a web site does not mean we will be at the top of Google overnight.  Our partner has been online in the holiday rental industry for 15 years and has a profound knowledge of online holiday rental marketing.  My FRR is their first French partner and is going to be promoted/marketed/advertised through their affiliate marketing channels in the US.

In addition, my FRR invests heavily in online advertising in order to drive guests to the web site.

18. Live Bookings

We have spent a lot of time researching the most user-friendly experience for our guests to make their bookings on the Riviera. Ultimately the top priority for our guests was an online booking reservation system.    Offering the ultimate convenience, my FRR enables guests to book right from the website.

As well as providing the online reservation system, we aim to answer our emails promptly (which can be a little challenging if you are contacting us from the US or Australia!), plus we work through the weekends and have been know to work through lunch time (unheard of in France!).

19. Travel Insurance

We recommend that all guests have travel insurance and in order to facilitate this, we are partnering with a travel insurance company in order to enable our guests to pay for travel insurance when making a reservation.  

20.  Reservation Contract

French law is very strict regarding property rentals.  A renter is required to sign a reservation contract which sets out the Terms & Conditions regarding your property.

The contract is written in French and English for guests.