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Terms and Conditions

Reservation Contract General Terms & Conditions
(translated from the French, therefore the English may be flowery!)

Even if pre approved, the booking will only be secured once payment has been taken from your credit card and a confirmation email of that payment sent to you. In case of a problem about your reservation, we will let you know as soon as possible. However, a different option will be offered if for any reason the apartment or villa you have booked online is not open for any kind of reason. 
You will be free to accept the change or just cancel your reservation. No fees will be charged. 
As bookings are coming in from different channels, it's impossible to update the calendars instantly. Therefore before you make a flight booking, etc..., please make sure to send us an email. 
During high season, from April to November, we might not be able to answer your email right away, but will sure do as soon as possible. 

La présente location est faite aux conditions ordinaires et de droit en pareille matière et, notamment, à celles, ci-après énoncées, dont le preneur reconnaît avoir pris connaissance et s'oblige à exécuter sous peine de dommages et intérêts, voire de résiliation de contrat, n'entraînant aucune minoration de loyer, si bon semble au bailleur.The present rental is done under all the standard terms and conditions by law in France, and specifically to the terms listed below, that the renter does state he has read and understands. The renter will commit to the full terms and conditions. If the terms are not respected the contract will be terminated, and the renter will not be entitled to claim for any damages or a refund.
1. Réservation:La réservation n'est assurée qu'après l'accusé de réception de l'acompte, soit 30 % du montant de la location. Cette somme reste acquise de plein droit au propriétaire en cas d'annulation par le locataire.
The reservation is in effect only after the contract has been signed and returned, and the 30 % downpayment paid. This amount according to the French Law will be kept by the owner, with no refund if the renter cancels, unless the owner or is his representative are able to rent again the period cancelled.
If cancellation occurs 6 months prior to arrival date, the full amount will refunded less 3 % or rental amount and 200 € cancellation fee.
The balance will be kept if renters cancels unless we're able to rent again for the same dates. Then full amount will be refund, minus transaction fees and 100 € cancellation fees.  The only case where the balance will not be refunded is if the renter for any kind of reason checks in and does not cancel, and decides upon arrival to change his mind. All our properties are kept in very good maintenance and shape, and any minor problem that could occur would always be addressed as soon as possible, taken into consideration that some work might need some time to be addressed, nothing can be done on national holiday days or on Saturdays and Sundays, as we're in France, and with matters dealing with a third party like the phone company for the Internet or Cable TV services, etc... we cannot be responsible for them taking time to fix the problem. If you made an online booking, even if it's been pre approved, and you did receive an confirmation email from our website, reservation is only secured when we take your payment. Off course we will try to verify information as soon as we can, but due to certain circumstances and to avoid double bookings, and the risk for you to think you are all booked when you are not, booking is only secured when you credit card has been really debited of the requested amount, and a confirmation email of payment sent to you.
Prix et caution: Pricing and Security Deposit :

Les prix s'entendent chauffage, eau, électricité et frais d'agence compris. LA TAXE COMMUNALE DE SÉJOUR payable à la remise des clefs n'est pas comprise. Pour garantir la restitution en bon état des locaux et du mobilier, il est demandé une caution, Le coût du remplacement de tous objets disparus ou détériorés sera déduit de ladite caution. Si les frais excèdent le montant de la caution, le locataire s'engage à régler le solde. A la fin du séjour, après la vérification de l'état des lieux et de l'inventaire, en l'absence de dégradations et de problèmes liés à la propreté, le chèque de caution sera restitué par courrier dans un délai de quinze jours. Le locataire devra laisser le meublé en parfait état de propreté. Au cas ou les locaux seraient rendus sales, une somme forfaitaire 300 euros sera facturée et prélevée sur la caution. De même, le prix du nettoyage des couvertures et literies rendues sales ou tâchées sera compté au preneur. Ménage de sortie signifie un ménage normal, frigo et poubelles vidés, cuisine rangée.All the pricing unless specified so include heat, water, electricity, internet access. The local tax if charged amounts to 1.50 euros per night and per adult. If the property is submitted to the local stay tax, the renter will be informed when he makes his reservation and the tax will be payable upon arrival.
In order to guaranty any damages done to the property, the renter will pay a security deposit. The amount is stated in his rental reservation form. Payment will be made by paypal, or cash, or by credit Card Authorization. At the end of the stay, the security deposit will be refunded if no damages have occured, and the property has been left in good conditions of cleaning. The final cleaning fee due by the renters includes a normal cleaning, and all the linens cleaning. Normal cleaning means that the renter upon departure has tidy up the kitchen, empty the fridge of any open items, garbage and bottles taken out. If more cleaning is required after check out, the difference will be held from the security deposit. (garbage still in the apartment, dirty kitchen, stained blankets, stained towels, stained sheets, etc..) An extra 300 € will be held from the security deposit if any extra cleaning is needed. Any broken item, or large repair caused by the renter will be taken from security deposit. If the security deposit amount is not enough to cover the damages, the renter will be charged the difference. Off course, all the invoices will be handed to the renter. Breaking one glass or a plate is not considered a damage, but normal use. However please let us know so that the next person does not end up with a poor selection of them !
Accueil et remise des clefs: Meet and Greet - Keys

L'accueil et la remise des clefs se font sur les lieux de la location sauf tout autre lieu indiqué préalablement par l'Agence.Les            clefs           pourront          être            remises          à             partir           de            16            h            jusqu'à           22            h. Exceptionnellement, après accord de l'Agence, le preneur pourra prendre possession des lieux loués en dehors des heures ouvrables à la condition d'avoir acquitté le solde de la location et la caution, par chèque séparé, par courrier préalablement à son arrivée.
En raison de l'affluence les jours d'arrivée, il est demandé aux locataires de prévenir son interlocuteur par téléphone 60 mn avant son arrivée. Aussi, lors de la remise des clefs, un plan de la situation et des explications relatives à la mise en fonction de l'électricité et de l'eau lui seront fournis.
Unless specified so, a member of My French Riviera Rental, will meet and greet you and give you the keys. In high season, Check in is after 4 pm and check out before 10 am. We will always try to be as flexible as possible. We ask that the renter calls us 60 mn prior to arrival to meet him at the property and hand over keys. A full map and directions sheet will be emailed prior to renters arrival. Each property should have a full "how does the rental work, with details to get internet, work the dishwasher, etc....". For late night arrival, please advise and contact us. We will try to find the best solution to let you in, or put the keys in a special place for you to have.
Etat des lieux et inventaire: Inventory

L'Agence ne peut procéder à la vérification des lieux et de l'inventaire en présence du locataire compte tenu du très grand nombre d'arrivées et de départs en même temps. L'état des lieux est fait systématiquement avant l'arrivée du locataire et, au départ, avant la remise des clefs au locataire suivant ou, en cas de non reprise, dans les quarante-huit heures.Dans chaque meublé est affiché l'inventaire précis du mobilier et matériel.
Toute réclamation concernant les lieux et l'inventaire devra être présentée, par écrit, à l'agence dans un délai de quarante-huit heures suivant la remise des clefs à l'agence. A défaut les lieux, inventaire et matériel seront réputés conformes et en bon état.
Unfortunately we cannot do an inventory for all our arrivals according to the number of arrivals. But we know each property and they are checked by a member of our company for all check outs and before check in. Nevertheless, we ask you to report any damages you will see within 48 hours after arrival. Off course, if anything else occurs during your stay, we will be happy to help and sort it out for you.
During the term of this lease, the Landlord shall provide for the necessary repairs and maintenance of the Leasehold Premises. The Tenant shall not provide, nor arrange for any repair or maintenance of the Leasehold Premises, and the Landlord shall not be responsible or liable to the Tenant, or to any other person, for the costs of any repair or maintenance provided or arranged by the Tenant. The Tenant shall promptly notify the Landlord of the need for any repair or maintenance to the Leasehold Premises
5. Equipement du meublé:Le meublé est équipé en mobilier, nécessaire pour cuisiner et vaisselle en nombre suffisant pour accueillir le nombre maximum de personnes précisé dans le présent contrat de location.
Il est à noter que les couvertures sont fournies. Draps, serviettes et linge de maison sont fournis pour le nombre maximum de personnes indiquées dans le contrat de réservation.
Toutes nos locations ont été sélectionnées pour leur qualité et leur standard d'équipement, et tous les équipements listés dans nos publicités ou sur notre site internet sont vérifiés régulièrement auprès des propriétaires. Cependant, nous ne pourrons être tenus pour responsable des différences constatées entre nos détails et la
réalité si le propriétaire devait effectuer des changements sans nous en avertir. Par contre, nous vous demandons de bien vouloir nous signaler toutes différences, et nous ferons de notre mieux au plus vite pour vous satisfaire et remédier à la situation.
The rental is fully equiped with cooking ustensiles, and all is needed for the number of the people listed on your reservation contract. Pillows, blankets, and all the linens, towels also are provided for the number of people listed in the reservation contract.
All properties managed by Cote d'Azur Business Consulting have been personally chosen by us as part of our portfolio for our guests. One of the Cote d'Azur Business Consulting is responsible for the property and every effort is made to adhere to our high standards.
All property descriptions, features and images of Owner Managed properties are supplied by the Owner. Whilst all Owner Managed properties have been carefully considered for inclusion by us and we endeavour to ensure the accuracy of the information supplied by the Owner, we cannot be held liable for any discrepancies. However, should you encounter any discrepancies we would ask that you contact us immediately
Please be assured that our goal is to provide everything you do need and/or might be missing. So feel free to let us know if we can help, we will be happy to do it, and if shall you need anything, at reasonable terms, we will try our best to help.
Force Majeure :
Dans le cas où la location ne pourrait être assurée pour le bien réservé, quand c'est possible, et selon disponiblités, un autre bien vous sera proposé. Vous pourrez choisir de prendre cette nouvelle option ou pas.
Dans le cas ou vous ne souhaiteriez pas accepter une autre location à la place de celle qui pour une raison X n'est pas disponible, toutes sommes versées vous serons remboursées.
Force Majeure :
In the case that the apartment or villa you have booked, should not be available for any kind of reason, leak, fixing, not up to our standards, etc..., another rental will be proposed when possible. It's all up to you to accept or decline our offer. We cannot be held liable if an apartment or villa is no longer open.
If you decide to decline our offer of another solution, all the monies already paid will be fully reimbursed to you.
The tenant agrees that the tenancy may not be extended without prior agreement of the owner or agency.

The tenant declares on his honor that he neither does nor will exercise any profession in the premises and that the premises leased hereby are rented to him as temporary accommodation only, these being major conditions in the absence of which this leasing would not have been granted.

Having paid a deposit on account of the tenancy, the tenant warrants to take possession of the premises on the contractual availability date and to pay on the same date the balance of the leasing price, whatever may intervene, sickness, accident or unforeseen occurrence. If these conditions are not fulfilled, the agent will be entitled to re-rent the premises concerned hereby immediately. However, the tenant will remain liable for payment of the balance of rent. If the premises can be re-rented, only the loss suffered by the owner and the agency commission will be payable by the defaulting tenant.

The deposit is paid to cover damage which might be caused to the rented property and to moveable objects and other fittings in the rented premises, and the various charges and consumption.This sum will be refunded within one month, after deduction for replaced objects, any restoration costs, additional cleaning and amounts for consumption. If the deposit proves to be insufficient, the tenant warrants to make up the total. If the tenancy includes a telephone, the deposit will be refunded only after the bills are received.

• The tenant warrants to take the rented premises in their condition on entry into possession as stated in the descriptive statement appended hereto.
Furniture and moveable objects must only sustain depreciation from the normal use for which they are designed. Those that are, on expiration of this agreement, missing or made unusable for a reason other than normal use, must be paid for or replaced by the tenant with the consent of the owner or his agent. This clause also applies to paper and upholstery materials, linen and the building in general.
• If appropriate, the following will be retained:
a) the value of broken or cracked objects;
b) the cost of washing or cleaning rugs, blankets, matresses, bedding, etc., that have been stained.
c) the value of lost keys, TV controls, garage beepers, swimming pool keys etc.
• The tenant warrants to use moveables and fittings in the rented property for their intended use and in the place that they are located. He formally agrees to refrain from moving them outside the rented premises.
• The tenant agrees to refrain absolutely from disposing of objects likely to obstruct drainage, basins, bathtub, bidet, sink, washtub, w.c., etc., in default of which he will be liable to pay the costs occasioned to restore them to service.
• On pain of termination, the tenant may not, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES sub-rent or transfer his rights under this agreement without the express consent of the owner or his agent; he must occupy the rented premises for residential purposes and may not under any circumstances store movables therein, except for linen and small objects.
• The premises hereby rented must not under any circumstances be occupied by more than the number of persons stated in the special provisions, without the prior agreement of the agent.
• The tenant must allow urgent works to be carried out in the rented premises for maintaining the rented premises and common equipment.
• The tenant may not bring any animal into the premises hereby rented, even momentarily, unless authorized by the agency.
• If the tenancy is in a building, the tenants will observe as occupants of the premises, the internal regulations of the building, and acknowledge having cognisance of the same. It is expressly forbidden to hang linen from the windows and balconies.
• If the tenant renews the lease, with or without interruption, commission will be due to the agency for the new leasing period, in accordance with the firm’s fees.
The tenant must, within three days of taking possession, inform the agency of any anomaly noted.

The lessor warrants to place the rented premises at the tenant’s disposal in accordance with the rental description and to observe the obligations herein, and provide all the linens, towels, hand towels, cushions, blankets, etc.... for X persons. ?

The tenant is obliged to insure himself with an insurance company against theft, fire, mirror breakage and water damage, and generally for tenancy risks and moveables rented, as well as against suit by neighbours, proof of such cover to be produced to the owner or agent on demand. Consequently, the latter persons disclaim any liability for any recourse by their insurers against the tenant in respect of any claim.

In default of payment on the due dates or non-performance of any clause of this commitment, and eight days after notice to comply has remained without effect, the owner or his agent may require immediate termination of this agreement and the tenant must quit the rented premises on simple order by a judge in chambers.

Pursuant to the law of January 6, 1978, the TENANT has a right of access to and rectification of data concerning him, to be addressed to the agent. The implementation procedures will be determined by mutual agreement.

This agreement is prepared in French and translated into English.
If the translation differs, the parties agree that the French version will prevail.

Occupation:Le locataire occupera les lieux personnellement et « en bon père de famille ». Il ne pourra prêter ou sous-louer les lieux à des tiers, même à titre gratuit. Aucune activité commerciale ou professionnelle ne pourra être exercée dans les lieux.
Le locataire s'oblige à respecter le règlement intérieur ou de copropriété.
Le meublé ne pourra EN AUCUN CAS être occupé par un nombre de personnes supérieur à celui précisé au contrat correspondant à l'équipement dont il est pourvu.
A défaut, le contrat pourra être résilié immédiatement sans réduction du prix de location initial.
Les interruptions de fonctionnement dans les services généraux et, notamment, du chauffage, de l'eau chaude et froide, de l'électricité..., de même qu'au niveau des services publics: déneigement, eau, électricité, etc..., ne pourront justifier une réduction de loyer si elles ne sont pas dues à un acte de volonté du bailleur. L’Agence décline toute responsabilité pour les privations et diminutions de jouissance ne provenant pas de son fait; de même, en cas de retard de toute entreprise à réaliser des travaux de réparation dans les lieux,
En période d'hiver, le locataire sera tenu responsable de tous dégâts survenus par suite du gel, dus à son inattention ou sa négligence (fenêtres et portes laissées ouvertes, etc.. .). Toutes réparations rendues nécessaires par la négligence, le mauvais usage ou le défaut d'entretien en cours de location, seront à la charge du locataire.
Il est demandé de respecter les consignes en matière d'économies d'énergie.
En règle générale, les animaux ne sont pas admis sauf autorisation expresse de l'Agence.
L'Agence se réserve le droit de visite et celui de faire visiter les lieux loués pendant la période de location et, notamment, en cas de mise en vente des locaux. Lorsque la fiche descriptive indique un accès internet en WIFI ou pas, nous ne pouvons être tenus responsables, ni le propriétaire, d'une panne d'Internet, et/ou d'une incompatibilité entre vos ordinateurs et le modem. Nous acceptons de considérer un dédommagement de 20 euro maximum pour une durée d'interruption de 7 jours. The Tenant hereby covenants and agrees to use and occupy the Leasehold Premises for residential purposes only and for no other purpose. There will be no pets allowed on the premises, except as specifically allowed by Landlord in writing.
The Tenant hereby agrees to keep and maintain the Leasehold Premises in as good repair and condition as that now existing and at the expiration of this lease to surrender the Leasehold Premises in like repair and condition, natural wear and tear excepted.
No loud music may be played at any time, and the Tenant shall conduct themselves in a quiet manner at all times.
The Tenant hereby agree to observe all reasonable rules and regulations imposed by the Landlord for the use and occupancy of the Leasehold Premises, and such rules and regulations shall be deemed to be conditions and covenants of this lease.
This lease, and the use and occupancy of the Leasehold Premises, may not be assigned, transferred or sublet, without the express written consent of the Landlord which will not be unreasonably withheld.
The Landlord, and/or the agents of the Landlord, may at any and all times during the term of this lease, enter into the Leasehold Premises for the purpose of inspection and/or repair, and for purposes of exhibiting the Leasehold Premises to prospective renters, upon prior notice to the Tenant, except in the case of an emergency.
The Tenant hereby waives the usual notice to quit, and agrees to surrender the Leasehold Premises at the expiration of the foregoing term, or the termination of this Rental Agreement, without any notice whatsoever.
This agreement contains the entire agreement and understanding of the parties hereto with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous negotiations, discussions and oral agreements. This agreement may not be modified, cancelled or otherwise amended unless in writing, duly executed by the parties hereto.
This Rental Agreement shall be binding on and shall inure to the benefit of the parties hereto, their respective heirs, successors, personal representatives and assigns.
The landlord or Cote d'Azur Business consulting cannot in any matter be held responsible for any
In the event of a failure of the essentials services like electricity and water, the owner will not be responsible for any losses or damages encoured by the renter. No refund or discount will be allowed in this event.
Should there be a problem with the property, that requires repairs, Cote d'Azur Business Consulting will do everything within it's power to make good the damage or the repairs within a reasonable time.
Should there be a delay in carrying out the repairs due no fault of Cote d'Azur Business Consulting we cannot be responsible for any damages or refunds.
We cannot be held liable for any unforseen mechanical, electrical, or technical failure such as television, internet, appliances and air conditionning. We will try to fix or replace damage or faulty machine as quickly as possible.
We cannot be held liable for any unforeseen mechanical, electrical and technical failures such as television, cable service, Internet connection, satellite television, appliances, air-conditioning, etc. We will endeavour to fix or replace machines in the event of failure as quickly as possible. Compensation will be offered as we consider appropriate for the level of disappointment incurred for such failures. Should we offer refunds or alternative accommodation this will be at our absolute discretion.
Where Wi-Fi is advertised in our properties, access is free unless stated otherwise. However, we offer no guarantees that the Internet connection will be available for the duration of your stay. Where an Internet connection is not available, we operate a policy of a maximum of €20 compensation for up to 7 days stay. We cannot be held responsible for the non-compatibility of your laptop with the modem.
Indisponibilité du logement réservé indépendant de notre volonté / Unforeseen Unavailability 
Si le logement que vous avez réservé, pour quelque raison majeure (maintenance, fuite, etc) n'était pas disponible, nous vous offrirons deux possibilités : une alternative à savoir une autre location si nous en avions de disponible, ou le remboursement complet des sommes versées. Nous ferons tout ce qui est en notre pouvoir pour trouver une alternative, mais ne pouvons garantir, selon la saison d'être en mesure de le faire. C'est pourquoi, nous ne pourrons être tenus légalement responsables des dommages causés ou supporter des poursuites. 
If the property becomes unavailable for any reason (such as emergency maintenance, failure of utilities or other problems) we will offer you two choices: an alternative, if available, or a full refund of the amount already paid to us. Whilst we will try our best to find you an alternative property, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so. Our liability is limited to the amount you have paid to us. We will not be liable for any further claim.
Assurance: Insurance

L’Agence  décline  toute  responsabilité  en  cas  de  vol,  cambriolage  et  risques  courus  par  les  objets  mobiliers   du   locataire   en   cas   de sinistre. L'assureur du locataire ne pourra exercer un quelconque recours à l'encontre du propriétaire ou de son mandataire en cas de sinistre,Le locataire est tenu de souscrire une police d'assurances couvrant les risques de l'occupant et tout sinistre dont il pourrait être à l'origine.
The Tenant agrees to hold harmless the Landlord for personal injury sustained within the premises which is not a direct result of negligence of the Landlord. The Agency and the landlord, are declining any responsability for robberies, and any damages done to the renters personal goods. The tenant is advised to have proper insurance about his personal belongings and himself, or for any damages he would cause to a third party. It is mandatory in France that all renters of apartments have insurance to cover his or her own civil liability.

8. Consignes au départ des lieux:A son départ, le locataire est tenu de remettre les clefs à Cote d'Azur Business Consulting au plus tard à 10 h le jour prévu au contrat.
Upon departure, the tenant is asked to give back the keys to a Cote d'Azur Business Consulting representative before 10 am on the departing date stated in the contract.
9. Election de domicile :Les parties font élection de domicile à l'Agence « Cote d'Azur Business Consulting » à EZE (06360). En cas de contestation le tribunal de Nice est reconnu comme seul compétent.
This agreement is governed by French jurisdiction under the laws of France and the Nice Court of law is the only qualified to handle any dispute We do not accept service of proceedings by fax.
Fait en double exemplaire à EZE - un exemplaire étant conservé par le locataire - a la date indiquée au recto du présent contrat de location 
By making an online reservation, you have approved all the terms and conditions.
The Renter